About Us

The Gibson Group is a multi-faceted screen and visitor experience production company with decades of knowledge, experience and consistent performance. We are a company of excellent creative minds working across a diverse range of media, platforms and genres.  We draw upon strengths in storytelling, production, effective project management and well-honed, creative problem solving to deliver new and exciting projects for clients, visitors and audiences. 

In the screen side of the business, we specialise in the production of film, high-end television drama for both primetime and children's audiences, along with documentary, comedy, arts and factual programming. 

We produce our own programmes and films, and work for shooting in New Zealand – taking advantage of the newly enhanced incentives (including rebates of up to 40% for both film and television) called the NZ Screen Production Grants

We produce unique visitor experiences nationally and internationally for both commercial and cultural organisations.  Our works are often high-tech and interactive.  We have built two entire museums in France and created an international award-winning outdoor immersive, interactive museum built into a shipping container in Copenhagen, Denmark.