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All In The Mind



Do men and women think differently? Is your brain hard-wired as a girl or boy? Kiwi neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis takes a fascinating journey into sex in the mind.



Informative and entertaining, popular neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis presents All In The Mind, an hour of compelling popular science about a very big life question. How do men & women behave differently and why? Are different brain structures really to blame for acting like a boy or girl? This everyday topic of conversation has a scientific basis that links directly to our brain – how it works and how we use it, and how modern New Zealand is defined by how Kiwis think about gender.


Pacey and vibrant, with lots of easy-to-use information, on-screen experiments and dynamic content, All In The Mind is an NZ On Air funded documentary packed with real-life ideas. Southland born presenter Nathan Wallis is the master of a catchy phrase as he conducts experiments on students and parents, scans his own mind in a stressful MRI, and tests his reactions in an EEG cap that looks like a ‘hi-tech tea cosy’.


All In The Mind introduces homegrown experts who are on the cutting edge of neuroscience research, and mixes them with footage of real Kiwis and situations, alongside ordinary people with personal experience of this challenging subject. All In The Mind generates memorable take-out information about how we think about being a girl or a boy, and whether that sex differences and gender preferences are actually hardwired into our brains at birth.


Technical Specifications

 Initial Screening Date - 11th March 2018

Network - PRIME

 Executive Producer – Gary Scott – The Gibson Group

 gary@gibson.co.nz; ph. 04 8012483

Producer - Jane Robertson - The Gibson Group

Directors - Alex Clark and Jane Robertson

Editor - Raewyn Humphries