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Paradise Cafe Series One



Available on Vimeo to stream and download here.


It starts out as a blissed out stunner of a summer on a beautiful South Pacific island when Megan, Robbo, Tai, Abi and Chloe set up a beachfront café serving smoothies in the sun. But it suddenly turns funny, freaky and even frightening when some sea ghosts turn up to join the party and make life really complicated….looks like there’s going to be trouble in paradise!  

Living on exotic, sun drenched Paradise Island, Robbo and his kid sister Megan; best mate, and officially the clumsiest guy in the southern hemisphere, Tai; spoilt princess Abi and new found friend Chloe undertake the running of a beautiful beachside café as a fun way to make some spare spending money.  

They have to cope with exploding smoothie makers, mixed up orders and trickier stuff like loyalty, friendship and trust.  

But as if that wasn’t enough, the fledgling café business is suddenly plagued by legions of unpredictable sea ghosts set free from the black, rotting coral at the bottom of the ocean. They seem to think the café is a cool place to turn up for a mochaccino and a laugh.  And a café full of ghosts just isn’t good for business.  

Some of the sea ghosts are mischievous and their unpredictable tricks cause mayhem and misunderstandings. But the bad, scary ones are out to make serious trouble and could just cause some major headaches for our gang and threaten the island itself.  

As well as a ghost story to deal with in every episode, the kids have also got some bigger mysteries to solve. Like why the ghosts are showing up at all? And why Chloe seems to know so much about them? And just who is the mysterious, mythical “Sea Born” hero who will save the island from the ghosts?  

With its unique mix of beautiful beach setting, absorbing mystery and edge of the seat thrills, Paradise Café will constantly surprise the audience with the scary twist in its sun kissed tail.  

Co-produced by Initial (a part of Endemol UK) and the Gibson Group (NZ) in association with NZOA, TVNZ and BBC Childrens.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

Broadcast on: UK TV - CBBC, 9:00am Saturday 4th July 2009

Description: 13 x 1/2 hour

On Air in NZ: 19th September 2009