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Street Hospital 2

Wellington, New Zealand
youtube replacement


Wellington Free Ambulance medics are back and taking a radical approach once more. Over the summer ambulances parked in Courtenay Place, the heart of Wellington’s Party Zone, turn into makeshift hospitals, treating injured revelers in the street.

Returning for a second series, this hugely entertaining show follows a young team of dedicated Wellington Free Ambulance volunteer medics and paramedics and their tireless, often comical, frequently frustrating and sometimes life-saving work on the frontline of the city’s busiest party street. Most party-goers are out to have a good time but some overdo it by getting into fights, injuring themselves and over-loading the Emergency Departments.

Filmed over five months, Street Hospital is a 10 x half hour factual series. "It’s a fast paced, action-packed, immensely entertaining show with a lot of heart and humour,” says series producer Jane Robertson. “The Wellington Free Ambulance Street Hospital medics are a wonderful on-screen presence and the heroes of the series.  Some of the public call them Angels of the Street.” 

Through rigged and roving cameras, Street Hospital captures every moment of action as it unfolds. Our young volunteer medics face everything from an overload of Homegrown punters to Orientation week student excess, as well as International Rugby Sevens post-match fans and a large dose of the usual midsummer alcohol fuelled party-zone madness.

Gibson Group’s fantastic documentary crews shadowed the dedicated volunteers and paramedics of WFA as made Wellington’s party central a safer place over the summer months of 2015/16.

“Here’s a new season of observational documentary that should to be showed to every high school in the land” says the New Zealand Listener. Street Hospital 2 effectively demonstrates the dangers of alcohol. It highlights everything from dangerous drug-use to mental health to the importance of keeping safe and sticking with your friends in town.

"I think if the show can spark a conversation about drinking culture, that's great, but it's also showcasing the important work that these medics do and how heartfelt and professional they are with all the cases they deal with” says Jane. "A lot of them are volunteers, people who have full time jobs and devote their weekends to doing this, which I find amazing and inspirational. They are just people who love helping others.”

The goal of Street Hospital is to unclog the flow of drunken punters in Wellington Hospital’s Emergency Department by treating people on the spot in Courtney Place.

If you are in New Zealand, you can catch up by watching Street Hospital Series 2 here.


Behind the scenes

Street Hospital 2 has been in the news!

"Paramedics so much more than Ambulance Drivers"

"Street Hospital show not just about drunks"

Street Hospital series two started screening July 14th, 2016 and from the beginning has proved to be a ratings winner with broad appeal. The first episode won the slot with 8.9% rating (172k viewers), and a huge 29% share of the target 18-49 demographic. The most recent episode to screen, episode five, was one of the highest rating shows of the entire night.  We are thrilled with how well the series is being received. 

Technical Specifications

10 x half hour factual series

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