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Tales From Te Papa



CLICK HERE to view all episodes on the Te Papa YouTube Channel

TALES FROM TE PAPA is a fascinating series of mini-documentaries originally for TVNZ, that showcase many of the exciting, wonderful and significant pieces that are held in our national museum.

Tales from Te Papa was commissioned by TVNZ, in partnership with Te Papa.

With the presentation team of Simon Morton (Why We Buy?) and Riria Hotere (Korero Mai), Tales From Te Papa is family friendly television at its best.  

Of the 2 million pieces that Te Papa stores in trust for the nation, only a fraction can ever be on public display. Each of these objects tells a unique story, about the culture and history of the nation, about science and exploration.

Simon and Riria lead viewers on an insider's tour of both the public sections and museum storerooms to learn the secrets of the first dinosaur fossil ever discovered, and our most famous bike helmet. They discover new and unique spider species, are inspired by famous paintings and quirky jewellery, get to grips with fearsome weapons and armour from the Pacific, and uncover the deep and personal stories of Maori taonga.

From passionate curators and researchers, they not only learn the unique value of the collections, but the tricks that are used to care for them, and the importance of the research efforts that underpin the collections.

The 120 short reports include items that have rich histories, special conservation status and passionate experts who care for them. A real Egyptian mummy, albatross from the storm that sank the Wahine, art from Colin McCahon, early dental clinic chairs, and dangerous deep sea fish.    

Each Tale From Te Papa is a nugget of details and facts that give an insight into the depth and importance of the collections held by our national museum. Great family viewing for children and adults alike.

Technical Specifications

TV Production

120 eps in total between 2 - 5 mins duration each ep 16:9 HD