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The Simon Eliot Show



The Simon Eliot Show is proudly presented by…Simon Eliot! He’s a real kid – well, sort of. He’s actually an animated character that can interact in real time with the real kid contestants who play his quiz every week. The show comes direct from Simon’s own bedroom, where he links up to contestants all over New Zealand via the internet!

Based on the highly successful books Everything You Need To Know About The World by Simon Eliot and Even More Things You Need To Know About The World by Simon Eliot, the 13 part series aired on TV3’s Sticky TV. 

Simon’s quiz questions range from the fun and interesting to the downright weird… but it’s all stuff kids want to know! Stuff that could be useful in the playground – and in the real world! From Bodily Functions and Daring Dudes to Amazing Animals and Wild Weather, Simon’s show knows no bounds. Every week he introduces new question rounds in his own inimitable style.

Kids aged 10 to 12 could apply to be players on Simon’s show by logging onto his special website at tv3.co.nz/simoneliot. There, they could play Simon’s mini-quiz of randomly-generated questions – and if they get enough right, they’re invited to apply to be on the show using a simple online form. The website includes lots of other fun stuff too and kids can even explore Simon’s World, packed with even more fascinating facts!

The Simon Eliot Show is a unique interactive television series combining technology, animation and real-life participants in a brand new way – providing a fun and engaging new experience for kids all over the country.

The first series won an NZ On Air Local Content Award for innovation, and was shortlisted for Best Children’s/Youth Programme at the 2007 Qantas Media Awards.

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Technical Specifications

TV Production

Category: Children's

Commissioning Broadcaster: TV3  

Production year: 2008

Title: The Simon Eliot Show - Series II

Description:  x 1/2 hour  

Production year: 2007

Title: The Simon Eliot Show - Series I

Description: 13 x 1/2 hour