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Beautiful Science Gallery

“Whether it’s an exhibition or a documentary, or an interactive experience, there has to be a story behind it, and I think that’s what Gibson Group have done brilliantly.” – Caroline Cook, Museum Director of Marketing and Development 


The project recently won at the 2016 New Zealand Museum Awards, earning Best Exhibition Metropolitan Museum in the Science & Technology category!

Featuring our latest interactive projection technology, the Beautiful Science Gallery at Otago Museum is an immersive experience that draws you into the wonder and beauty of everyday science.

Entering the gallery you are surrounded by 12 super-sized interactive screens projected onto the walls of the gallery space. The screens are windows into 3D compositions portraying the seasons in Otago, as observed in science, tradition, and everyday activities.

The projections follow your hand movements in a laser beam, so you can move around a vast digital canvas extending each way in virtual space - the equivalent of more than 200 square meters of imagery for each season.

The imagery is choreographed into multiple layers by a new 3D engine from our developers, creating the effect of a 3D world. And hidden within are hundreds of bonus images grouped in pop-up story clusters, which appear when you steer the projection window towards tell-tale pulses.

The content came almost entirely from contributions of imagery and research by local and national organisations, and from individuals. Public participation is on-going: you can real-time tweet your own images and messages directly into the gallery.