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Texas Touch Wall , a Gibson Walls project.

The El Paso, Texas TouchCity Wall is now open!

The Grand Opening took place on Valentines Day, 14th February 2015 at the El Paso Museum of History, 510 North Santa Fe Street, El Paso, TX 79901, United States. A 1,000 strong crowd showed up to be the first to play and explore.

Read news coverage here.

Digie is a vast collection of images and videos about El Paso, its people and cultures.

Visitors to the El Paso Museum of History experience Digie's collection as a 3D world on a giant touch screen wall at the museum entrance.  It is the largest single touch system in the US and the largest interactive wall the Gibson Group has ever produced.

The public can upload their own contributions to Digie – images of their life, family, history and culture to share with other users.  Digie even has her own 'mini-me' – a smaller mobile version that will be a roving exhibition, bringing the Digie experience to those in the El Paso region who might otherwise miss out.

El Paso Museum of History Digital Wall Cityscape © 2015 The Gibson Group Ltd

Based on the Copenhagen Wall, or Væggen , Digie is an international project bringing together the curators, engineers, IT specialists and project managers from the City of El Paso with leading wall exponents from the Museum of Copenhagen, the celebrated digital artists from Danish design company Space and Time, and the specialist exhibition and technology arm of Gibson Group, Gibson Group TouchCity Ltd. Click here for a video showing the team discussing the design of the wall.

We're proud to complete the Digie project, and with it, take El Paso's Museum of History to new levels of participation and representation with its community.

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